United Nations, December 7: UN General Assembly (UNGA) President Csaba Korosi on Tuesday urged the international community to view the current global humanitarian crisis with "empathy and solidarity" and step up support for people in dire need.
During the UNGA plenary on strengthening the coordination of UN humanitarian and disaster relief assistance, including special economic assistance, Korosi said, "I appeal to you to look at the needs around you with empathy and solidarity."
The UNGA president, or the PGA, underscored that the 2023 Global Humanitarian Overview shows that there are 339 million people in need of assistance, which is "many more than last year's 235 million," adding that 103 million, or well over 1 percent of the global population, are "forcibly displaced."
"Throughout these crises, gender-based violence, sexual harassment and discrimination, particularly against women and girls, are especially alarming," said the PGA, noting that this is "a powerful image. And a reminder that behind these numbers there are families; children, the elderly, women."
"As resources struggle to match the scale of need, millions within our UN family of 8 billion will lack the basic means to survive even the coming days. We, as the General Assembly, can - and simply must - do better," he stressed.
"Every member state should be distressed at the delay or denial of humanitarian access - and the killing, kidnapping or arbitrary detainment of humanitarian personnel," he pointed out.
The PGA proposed that one of "the fastest and most effective ways" to do this is through the Central Emergency Response Fund - an agile and proven part of the international humanitarian financing landscape.
"Investment in the Central Emergency Response Fund is an investment in people. Its basic commitment to 'fund for all, by all' embodies this spirit," the PGA said.
"Development partners, international financial institutions, civil society and the private sector all have a role to play in reducing that exposure," he noted.
The 2023 Global Humanitarian Overview launched on Dec. 1 by the UN in collaboration with non-governmental organizations and other humanitarian partners paints a stark picture of what lies ahead.
Source: Xinhua