United Nations, June 16: UN Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths on Tuesday called for ending the war in Yemen without delay, while highlighting the importance of the UN-facilitated political process.
"Let us, for the sake of Yemen, end this war without delay so that we can begin the real and final battle, the battle for peace," said Griffiths, the special envoy for Yemen, who gave his final briefing in that post to the Security Council.
"Yemen needs a pluralistic political future, and the UN-facilitated political process must pave the way for them to achieve just that," he added.
"We know very well what the people want. It is precisely what this Council wants: stability based on rights and freedoms. Yemen needs, for its survival and the welfare of its citizens, a government that is accountable to its people and united in support of fundamental rights, and an open and prosperous economy," said the special envoy.
Griffiths stressed that a nationwide ceasefire would have "undeniable humanitarian value" and that the continued closure of Sanaa airport and the port of Hodeidah are "unjustifiable" and must end.
He said that he has learned during his three years on the job that leaders in Yemen have come close to choosing peace over war but, time and time again, when one side is ready to compromise, the other side is not.
Mark Lowcock, whom Griffiths will shortly replace as Emergency Relief Coordinator, said that May was the deadliest month this year for civilians, with 60 civilians killed.
He said the Ansar Allah offensive in Marib continues to threaten millions of people and he called once more for a nationwide ceasefire and for the parties to spare civilians and civilian objects.
Lowcock noted the work humanitarians have done to prevent famine in Yemen but added that two brushes with famine in the last three years are not a success.
Source: Xinhua