Tokyo [Japan], February 4: A court in Japan has sentenced a man to life in prison for the murder of a Vietnamese woman.
The Osaka District Court in western Japan issued the ruling on Tuesday, at the request of prosecutors, according to NHK.
Defendant Yamaguchi Toshiya (60 years old) is accused of strangling Vo Thi Le Quyen (31) after luring her into his apartment in Osaka city and taking from the victim about 26,000 yen (more than 4.7 million VND). ). At that time, Ms. Quyen was working part-time in a restaurant on the first floor of the apartment complex where Yamaguchi was living.
The Mainichi newspaper , citing the indictment and other sources, said the victim had just started working on the morning of April 3, 2022, when Yamaguchi invited her into his home and said, "I talked to the owner of the shop about this, so bring it along. give me something of value." Yamaguchi is alleged to have strangled Ms. Quyen from behind, then took about 26,000 yen from her purse, before hiding the victim's body in her room.
The presiding judge concluded that Yamaguchi's actions were selfish and cruel. The defendant committed the crime with the motive of stealing money and showed no remorse.
The presiding judge said that the defendant destroyed the dreams and ended the life of an innocent Vietnamese woman . The judge asked Yamaguchi to pray for the victim's soul while serving his sentence.
The victim's husband, Phan ThanhDuy, was in the courtroom, wearing his wife's wedding ring on a necklace when the verdict was announced. Duy said he was satisfied with the court's decision, according to NHK.
Source: ThanhNien Newspaper