Taipei [Taiwan], April 17: Taiwan's Defense Agency spoke up after the leader of the island's self-built defense submarine program suddenly announced his resignation on the evening of April 16.
Taiwan's Defense Agency on April 17 confirmed that the island's self-built submarine project will continue as planned, after the official leading the project resigned due to what he called unfair criticism against him. and defense forces.
Taiwan views the autonomous defense submarine (IDS) program as playing a key role in its plan to modernize its defense forces. In September 2023, Taiwan launched one of eight new submarines, although it cannot be put into service until next year.
The program has attracted expertise and technology from several countries, a breakthrough for the diplomatically restricted island.
In a statement on the evening of April 16, former Admiral Hoang Thu Quang said he resigned as leader of IDS due to unfair attacks from people he did not name.
Mr. Huang said the submarine task force, including the Taiwan Coast Guard and the island's CSBC Shipbuilding Group, would continue to operate after his resignation. "It is impossible for the team to be fired just because of the departure of one person," he added.
Mr. Khau Guozheng, head of the Taiwan Defense Agency , told reporters on April 17 that Mr. Huang is a dedicated person and added that "the specialized force members are all in charge and can do long-term work, there will be no change just because of changing one individual".
Huang previously described the submarines as a "strategic deterrent" that could also help maintain the island's "lifeline" to the Pacific by keeping ports along Taiwan's east coast open. open.
Taiwan hopes to deploy at least two domestically developed submarines by 2027 and could equip later models with anti-ship missiles.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper