New Delhi [India], September 15 (ANI/ATK) Available on different ecommerce sites for purchase,"Strategies Which All Young Entrepreneurs Must Follow" has been published by renowned author and entrepreneur Yash Gupta. The book talks about the different strategies and tactics to ace the world of entrepreneurship through mindful approaches and advanced techniques.
Yash Gupta, is only 23 and runs two highly successful businesses, and is also a social media influencer, and an author. Gupta grew up looking up to his father and whenever he could, he would give his inputs and try to be as involved as possible. Gupta's father recognised that his son was a diamond in the rough and always encouraged his son. This combination of encouragement with passion inspired him and gave him the confidence to start his own venture.
Now graduated, Gupta founded his first business - Tambhveda while he was still a student at Amity University. Gupta balanced his time between studies and work and took Tambhveda to the top. Tambhveda specializes in making Brass and Copper utensils, Tambhveda's copper bottles are a popular item because of their unique and creative designs.
Gupta's second venture - Rikayaa Enterprises Private Limited - has found even more success. It is one of the top metal manufacturing companies in the country and has generated millions of dollars in revenue. At Rikayaa, they manufacture copper and brass strips, sheets, foils, ingots, billets, wires, and cables among other things.
Yash Gupta has dealt with Fortune 500 companies, top industrialists, and big MNCs. In a short span, he has made it clear to everyone that he is an entrepreneur powerhouse.
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