Moscow (Russia) Nov 12: Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov aims to break the record on the longest ever trip on a hot air balloon with the volume of 10 thousand cubic meters, he told reporters in Russia's Krasnoyarsk.
"I have broken all ballooning records, however, a Japanese man had the longest distance covered with 10 thousand cubic meters (the volume of the balloon - TASS). <.> He covered 3,500 km with 10 thousand cubic meters. We want to beat this, so that we would be first in this area as well," Konyukhov said.
The traveler added that he wants to start the trip in Krasnoyarsk. "This is the center of Russia, which is good. It is far away from everything, and the starting point fits," he noted, adding that the trip should be organized during fall or winter. "However, we haven't decided yet whether to fly this year or the next one."
At the age of 67, Fyodor Konyukhov has completed several round-the-world trips, crossed the Atlantic 17 times, and became the first Russian to reach the seven highest peaks located in six parts of the world, as well as the North and South Pole.
Source: TASS