Moscow (Russia) Nov 14: The second international Maritime Silk Road choir festival will be held on November 18-24 on Hainan. According to the Hainan authorities, more than 10 regions and countries of teh world will take part in it, including Russia, Austria, Singapore, US, South Korea.
Apart from foreign contestants, 67 Chinese choir ensembles will compete in the art of singing: 36 from the Hainan province and 31 from other regions of China.
The festival's program includes contests and choral shows, expert lectures and masterclasses. Performances of foreign choirs, a concert dedicated to China's 70th anniversary, and a number of other events are also expected.
The festival wil wrap up with an award ceremony and a gala concert.
According to the organizers, the international competition of choral ensembles will promote Hainan's development as an international cultural center, as well as boost cooperation between artists of different countries.
Source: TASS