New Delhi [India], September 19: In the world of aviation dreams,
stands as a distinguished institution with a singular mission: to transform aspiring students into skilled pilots, ready to navigate the skies of countries like South Africa and Canada. This academy, known for its commitment to excellence and steady dedication to producing competent aviators, progressing on a remarkable journey in 2023. The Visionary person behind the uplifting of the organization is Mohammad Imteyaz (Noorani) CEO, of RMC Aviation Academy. His excellence and remarkable notification by the society for education are undoubtedly making a strong impression on the organization globally. On the 25th of July, a day set in the memory of aviation supporters and growing pilots alike, RMC Aviation Academy hosted its orientation event in the luxurious embrace of the prominent 5-star hotel, The Surya.
The star-studded affair was marked not only by the grandeur of the venue but also by the presence of eminent guests who have left enduring marks in the field of aviation.
Ashraf Ali Fatmi, a luminary in the region of aviation and the former Minister of the Human Resource Department (Govt. of India), graced the occasion as the chief guest. With his vast experience and profound insights into the aviation industry, his presence contributed an air of solemnity to the event.
Accompanying Ashraf Ali Fatmi was Air Commodore RPS Garcha Singh, a name synonymous with excellence and an illustrious career. Singh's presence added a sense of authority and inspiration as he shared a short story of his journey through the aviation world. His words resonated with the aspiring pilots in the audience, leaving them with a profound sense of purpose and ambition.
The event further gained credibility and depth with the inclusion of Pilot Anil Kumar, an accomplished air instructor (DELHI FLYING CLUB). Anil Kumar's expertise as an instructor has molded countless aviators, and his insights into the hardship of pilot training were invaluable for the attendees.
Another sparkling of the event was Dr SK Garg, a DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) medical examiner.  
Dr SK Garg, in his role as a medical examiner, shed light on the tough health and safety standards that aspiring pilots must stick to, emphasizing the importance of physical and mental fitness in this demanding profession.
The orientation event was not merely a platform for distinguished speakers to impart knowledge; it also provided a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with those who are currently embarking on their aviation journeys. The online visual meeting with those students who are currently pursuing their 
 with RMC Aviation Academy collaborated, Eagle Air flight academy, Pretoria, South Africa, shared their experiences, challenges, and successes. These conversations brought the world of aviation to life, allowing aspirants to grasp the realities and joys of the pilot's life firsthand. The brotherhood among these students was clear, emphasizing the sense of community that aviation brings up.
Moreover, the event facilitated interactions with the manager of Eagle Air Flight Academy. 
This seasoned aviation professional shared valuable insights into the hard training modules, state-of-the-art simulators, and the comprehensive curriculum offered by Eagle Air Flight Academy. The manager's emphasis on the academy's commitment to producing skilled and safety-conscious pilots underscored the gravity of the profession.
One resounding message echoed throughout the event: the pilot's career is one of bold horizons and boundless possibilities. The aviation industry is ever-evolving, with advancements in technology, global connectivity, and a growing demand for air travel. This confluence of factors ensures that the path of a pilot is FULL of opportunities and a future that knows no bounds.
In conclusion, the 2023 orientation event hosted by RMC Aviation Academy at The Surya was a pivotal moment for aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts. It was a day marked by the wisdom of distinguished guests, the BROTHERHOOD of fellow students, and the promise of a soaring future. As the attendees left the event with hearts brimming with inspiration and dreams of reaching new heights, it was abundantly clear that RMC Aviation Academy continues to be a guiding light on the journey to the skies.
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