Washington DC (USA) Dec 02: Elizabeth Pipko has opened up about her conservative political views.
The former model, 24, spoke with Fox News about working with people who aren't afraid of her views.
"I'm really excited that someone was able to put political views aside and see me as someone who is much more than just what the media wants people to think a conservative woman can be," she said.
Pipko became a professional model at just 17, which she stuck with for four years.
In January of this year, Pipko revealed on "Fox & Friends" that she is in favor of President Trump, saying she "couldn't tell anyone" about her alignment for fear of it derailing her career.
Pipko explained that she worked full time on Trump's 2016 campaign.
"I think it was just time for me to defend myself, my choice for supporting the president, defend all the millions of Americans who also support him as well as defend the president because I don't think enough people are doing that," Pipko said of announcing her support.
"(Trump) made me feel I had a voice and I was appreciated by someone and I never felt that way in politics before," she said. "I just thought it was time I got involved and showed other young people that it was important for our country and for our future."
Now, Pipko has transitioned away from modeling and into political activism, having founded The Exodus Movement, an organization that encourages Jewish individuals to abandon left-leaning policial views.
"[The Exodus Movement is] hoping to inspire Jews, and I think all people actually, to vote with their conscience and their beliefs and not with any fears whatsoever," Pipko told Fox News. "I think the further the Democrats shift to the left, the harder it is for any religious person, I think, to align with them."
She also said she believes that Democrats fail to condemn anti-Semitism and promote the idea that any religious affiliation is wrong.
"Any time you turn on the TV, you're told that you're wrong if you disagree with what [the Democrats are] telling you. You're told that you're wrong if you're religious in any way and I thought it was time to unite those people."
In addition to working with The Exodus Movement, Pipko is working to inspire young women around the globe.
"This is about showing young girls that they can do anything they want to do. From modeling to politics and everything in between," she said.
Source: Fox News