Seoul (South Korea), Aug 3: In an about-face from its usually contemplative and edgy sound and imagery, K-pop girl group (G)I-dle said Monday its new single "DumdiDumdi" was intended to be a bright dance song inspired by the spirit of youthfulness and the sizzling summer heat.
"While writing the new song, I asked myself what summer reminds me of. I thought it was similar to the spirit of youthfulness," (G)I-dle singer Soyeon said during a press conference held online ahead of the single's 6 p.m. release.
Soyeon, the self-producing leader of (G)I-dle and one of the leading creative forces among the more younger talent pool of today's K-pop, added, "youthfulness reminds people of both cool and hot, and passionate emotions."
"I hope fans fan feel the spirit of youthfulness and summer while listening to the song."
Co-written by Soyeon and music producer Poptime, "DumdiDumdi" combines tropical moombahton beats with simple-yet-catchy melodies and lyrics that's easy to sing along to.
The single marks the first-new release by (G)I-dle since the single "I'm The Trend" put out in July of last year.
The Cube Entertainment group, which includes Chinese, Taiwanese and Thai members, recently held its first-ever live concert remotely after being forced to cancel a 32-city world tour due to COVID-19.
"It was disappointing to not be able to meet our fans at our first-ever live concert," Thai member Minnie said.
The singer, however, said the love shown by fans during the concert was almost palpable, even remotely.
"The real-time comments were filled with messages of support. I almost cried when hearing the recorded voices of fans while performing 'Latata' near the end."
Amid the ongoing new coronavirus situation, main singer Miyeon said the group as a whole was trying to stay virtually connected with global fans more than ever. "We're grateful for the fans who care for our music. It's a trying time for all of us," she said.
When asked about songwriting inspirations, Soyeon said (G)I-dle itself was the biggest source of inspiration.
"I get asked that a lot, about what my biggest muse is. For our songs, I try to be inspired by our members a lot," Soyeon said. "It's not about inspiration but more about what we want to talk about. We talk to each other a lot and I try to listen as much as possible."
Source: Yonhap News Agency