New Delhi [India], September 15 (ANI/SRV Media): Guru Asha Ashta has declared the Award Winners for e9UnLOAD, the 9th edition of the World's Finest Weight Loss Challenge for Women. With no Calorie Counting and No Portion Control, this 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge aims to empower women by motivating them to eat proper meals and lose weight thereby achieving the best version of themselves with a healthy and toned body. Starting on 01.May.2021 this online Challenge ran for 90 Days before coming to a close on July 29th.
The following participants were declared as the Awards Winners for e9UnLOAD:
# Pinky Soni lost 14.850 kg (82.750 to 67.900, 32.740 pounds, 17.95%,) to win the First Prize of Rs50,000,
# Santosh Soni won the Second Prize of Rs20,000 having achieved the Weight Loss of 12.500 kg (83.900 to 71.400, 27.560 pounds, 14.90%) and
# Bijal Dalal. won the Third Prize of Rs10,000 with 12.100 kg Weight Loss (77.350 to 65.250, 26.680 pounds, 15.64%)
# Top10 participants, who lost 11.400 kg (25.130 pounds) or more, were awarded Cash Prizes and Gift Hampers.
Asha Ashta, the Innovator of UnLOAD. Congratulated the Award Winners and said, "Winners will receive their prizes in a Glittering Crowning Award Ceremony, with a grand party in Mumbai in the second half of December 2021. The Challenge Winners will receive total prizes worth more than Rs1,50,000 in Cash and Gift Hampers."
Guru Asha Ashta started UnLOAD in 2011 with a small yoga group of her friends, which expanded to more than 2500 local women by 2018. The idea of UnLOAD is to challenge an individual to be a better version of oneself with zero compromission in the daily meal plan. Each participant is evaluated based on a set of measurable parameters, as detailed at her website
Guru Asha Ashta, says, "Starving or sacrificing on the favorite dishes is not an ideal situation in the journey of weight loss, ss this can damage our system and cause several health problems. Millions of people across the globe suffer from poor health, primarily due to inadequate nutrition and lack of appropriate knowledge. The UnLOAD Challenge helps women to understand and experience the Good Food, without the usage of complex words, and thereby turn their lives around from lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, migraine, insomnia, etc., and above all depression. Such diseases have been completely cured during this Challenge. This program has been transforming not only their individual lives forever but also of all their family members."
After lockdown, this challenge is now conducted live online and has spread worldwide. The number of participants is increasing day by day from every corner of the globe, including the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Tanzania, South Africa, and more are now connected and receiving unbelievable health benefits. Women are motivated to execute the challenge in the most natural way with their regular meals and the Midas touch of counseling sessions. Each Participant is monitored every day and mentored with proper guidance to help achieve her desired objectives.
Asha also added, "My Meal Plans include Aloo Paratha, Rice-Daal, Pasta, Pizza, Hakka-Noodles, Aloo Tikki, Paav-Bhaji, Idli-Dosa or whatever is there at their home. After completing 9 editions of highly successful 90 Days Weight Loss Challenges, these are now established superfoods for weight loss. The participants have achieved a weight loss of up to 20.5 kg and up to 13" reduction on their waistline. There are no herbals, chemicals, pills, capsules, powders in this challenge. I have always been against the concept of counting calories and portion control. Contrary to being a scary word, Wheat and Rice are superfoods for Weight Loss."
"This challenge has made a miraculous Meal Revolution among the women across the globe. The painful idea of fasting (and bone-breaking workouts) to lose weight has gone and instead, they now love their meal as also their weighing scale. In the upcoming edition, in January-2022 I aim to achieve 1000 participants as this challenge provides an exciting Weight Loss opportunity without compromising on your favorite meal." She said.
Asha further added, "Besides the magical transformation, there have been several miraculous achievements in this Challenge. Nidhi Tulsyan got a complete cure from Diabetes and her HbA1c came down from 11 to 5. The Thyroid TSH level of Meghna Shah reduced from 37.39 to 0.242. Swati Panpalia lost 13" on her waistline from 42" to 29. AND so many more such miraculous achievements"
The Weight Loss Expert Guru Asha Ashta aims to Inspire, Influence, Impact and Empower 1Million women around the world by spreading awareness regarding the importance of eating the right type of food in order to achieve good health and happiness for a blissful stress-free life.
She runs 12 Prize Winning Weight Loss Challenges throughout the year 9 of which are for 30 Days duration and 3 are 90 Days, primarily through counseling on nutrition and physical exercise techniques like yoga, aerobics, pranayama, pilates, etc. She is also an expert in Guided Meditation, Chakra Activation, and Kundalini Awakening.
Asha Ashta regularly posts tips related to Meals, Health, and Fitness on her Facebook page
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