Washington DC (USA) Dec 30: At least, it was for a period of time late last week when the park reached capacity.
During this time period, wait times for popular rides reportedly hit multiple hours.
Disneyland stopped selling tickets after reaching capacity on Friday afternoon, the Los Angeles Times reported. This was the first time Disneyland has had to halt ticket sales since the May opening of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land, which expanded the park's total size.
The holiday season has been an extremely popular time for families to visit Disneyland, along with the mid-summer months.
In a statement obtained by the Los Angeles Times, a spokesperson for Disney said, "Visiting the Disneyland Resort during the holidays is a tradition for many people, and on high demand days like today, we do all we can to welcome as many guests as possible."
The news outlet also reported that wait times for popular rides such as Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Space Mountain ranged from 65 minutes to two hours during the afternoon.
Earlier this year, guests at Disneyland reported that the park felt emptier than usual.
While the opening of the new Star Wars land drew massive crowds, guests noted a significant decrease in waiting time for the park's attraction in the following months. This was attributed to several reasons.
In preparation for the opening, the park widened walkways, moved planters and made other moves to make moving around the park easier.
A drop in the number of guests was noted, however, as attendance reportedly slipped 3 percent across Disney's domestic parks.
Source: Fox News