New Delhi [India], February 19 (ANI/Mediawire): India witnessed the exponential growth of internet usage, mainly mobile internet during the last few years. While 5G is knocking on the door, OTT and gaming requirements drove the growth of wireline high-speed broadband during the last few years.
In 2020, the COVID pandemic actually preponed the requirement of high-speed broadband internet. During the lockdown, people had to remain in their homes. People could not see their friends and relatives and also could not go to their workplaces.
People had no choice but to continue working from home to earn their livelihood and students had to attend online classes from home only. These situations brought psychological, social, and professional need of meeting people and the only option left was to connect with them online.
These requirements brought the realization that one would need high-speed broadband internet. The high-speed internet is provided on a wireline/fiber Optic network by broadband internet service providers. Demand started triggering for high-speed broadband internet in 2020 and the trends are continuing in 2021.
Looking at the developments of various new applications for retail customers, movies getting released on OTT, work from home becoming an accepted work culture, and online classes breaking boundaries of geographies, wireline broadband internet is going to be a Fast-Moving Consumer Service.
Broadband internet connection can be used with Wifi or one has the option to connect directly with PC or laptop. Depending upon the requirements, one has the option to choose from.
Broadband internet operators have already started offering lucrative offers to gain more and more customers. GTPL Broadband, with the widest network coverage in Gujarat, offers very attractive plans, which can be seen on their website, ( The company offers high-speed fiber broadband up to 100 Mbps at very affordable prices.
A promotional offer of an extra 1-month free usage under the six-month plan with speed up to 100 Mbps, brings an effective plan rate to just Rs 599/month (excluding GST), which is very much sufficient for any household kind of requirement. GTPL Broadband also offers a 50Mbps plan at an effective plan rate of just Rs 424/month (excluding GST) with a 12 monthly subscription. Moreover, under a promotional offer for a limited period, the company offers CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) worth Rs 2500/- for Free to use, Free of cost installation, and Zero security deposit with a new connection with specific plans.
"We are using FTTH i.e. Fibre-to-the-home approach using GPON technology to offer high-speed broadband internet services in many cities and upgrading an existing network to GPON in few remaining towns. This is being done, considering future requirements of our valued customers.
Fibre Broadband internet services are now a necessity rather than a luxury and the same has been proved during lockdown because of COVID-pandemic. The lockdown period has shifted the culture of physical presence to the virtual presence and work from home and online classes are becoming a new normal and accepted way of working or studying in India. We are seeing a huge rise in demand and we are geared up to fulfill the same", said Neeraj Agrawal, Sr VP, and Head GTPL Broadband Business.
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