Tokyo [Japan], September 19: Steel beams fell at a construction site in downtown Tokyo on Tuesday, injuring at least five people, with four in cardiac arrest, according to local authorities.
At around 9:30 a.m. local time, it was reported that steel beams plummeted from the 10th floor to the 4th floor at a construction site near Nihongbashi in Tokyo's Chuo district.
According to the Chuo police station, at least five workers were injured, and some of the victims might have been trapped beneath the fallen steel beams.
Four injured, who appeared to be male construction workers on-site, are now in cardiac arrest. One person sustained injuries but remained conscious.
A total of 27 emergency response vehicles, including fire trucks, have been mobilized to the scene to conduct rescue operations, according to local media reports.
The accident took place in close proximity to the bustling JR Tokyo Station Yaesu Exit near a cluster of office buildings.
The precise cause of the steel beam collapse is still under investigation.
Source: Xinhua